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For a small club satellite presentation I will be mentioning  the
benefits of HEO over LEO and the range advantage.

Can anyone  tell me the distance record set when AO-40 was  alive?




Hello Pete

I'm sure you will get lots of answers.  But my own personal favourite  
response to a CQ call on AO-40 from London UK was a Japanese station located at  
one of the south pole research stations.
London to Perth Australia on AO-13 is also in my log, but it was impossible 
 to get from here in the UK to ZL.
My local club also took equipment to ZC4 in Cyprus and C56 (Gambia) making  
about 200 QSOs from each location.  DX-Peditioning was popular on the HEO  
Happy days...........
Good luck with the talk
David  G0MRF

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