[amsat-bb] more antenna discussions....

zach hillerson qstick333 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 18 06:40:43 PDT 2011

I'm still struggling to figure out the best antenna configuration for me.  I was originally planning (and now own) to use a Gulf Alpha dual band fixed at 15* elevation, but I am now having 2nd thoughts.  Being limited to 1 roof top tower it might be prudent to get as much use out of the single mast as possible.  If I go with 2 horizontally polarized linear antennas on a cross boom(1 ea. 2m and 440) could I use them for both satellites and weak signal work?  Is there a downside to proceeding this way?  

One concern that I have is that the horizontal antennas seem to have a somewhat limited frequency range, and I'm not sure of the impact.  Also, is it prudent to go with separate azimuth and elevation rotators to allow for future expansion (6m etc...), although the separation required between booms is height prohibitive with 6m?

Is anyone running a setup similar to this?  Are you happy?  Any thoughts, opinions etc... would be appreciated,



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