[amsat-bb] ND9M/MM Op Sked - Friday, 18 March

Clary, James T, Civilian James.T.Clary.civ at MSC.NAVY.MIL
Thu Mar 17 20:24:12 PDT 2011

We'll be in DK96 for about 90 minutes, but there are no passes scheduled
for that time frame. Also, we're advancing our clocks tonight to GMT -6,
so my work sked moves to 1400-2300Z for the next few days.


Our voyage plan will start using latitude and longitude points that
coincide with quad grid points, so predicting what grid I'll be in on
certain passes will get a bit cagey. It also opens up the possibility of
crossing from one grid to another and maybe even a third during the same
pass! The GPS calls the shots.


Also, we're moving further south which limits my access to AO27 and its
7-minute window. By the time the satellite turns on, it's already passed
its high point at my QTH. I'm now down to three minutes on a low pass to
five minutes on a high one before I lose the bird entirely. My apologies
if I disappear while you're still calling. 



AO51 - 18/1030Z - DK95

FO29 - 18/1106Z - DK95

AO27 - 18/1847Z - EK04 - approx turn on time; LOS for me is at 1850Z.

AO51 - 18/2309Z - EK04

FO29 - 19/0018Z - EK04

VO52 - 19/0216Z - EK04, EK03, EK14, or EK13 (or a combo!)

AO51 - 19/0952Z - EK13

FO29 - 19/1009Z - EK13



VO52 - 18/0334Z - DK86

AO7 - 18/1431Z - DK96

AO27 - 18/2027Z - EK04 - approx turn on time; LOS for me is at 2032Z.

FO29 - 18/2230Z - EK04

VO52 - 19/0352Z - EK13



FO29 - 18/0921Z - DK95

AO51 - 18/1210Z - DK95

AO7 - 18/1237Z - DK95

VO52 - 18/1401Z - DK95

AO7 - 18/1431Z - DK95

VO52 - 18/1535Z - Probably DK95 but it could also be EK05 or EK04

AO51 - 18/2132Z - EK04

SO50 - 18/2204Z - EK04

FO29 - 19/0828Z - EK13

SO50 - 19/1027Z - EK13




Jim, ND9M / VQ9JC

Grid DK86


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