[amsat-bb] ND9M/MM Op Sked: 17 March

Clary, James T, Civilian James.T.Clary.civ at MSC.NAVY.MIL
Wed Mar 16 19:51:23 PDT 2011

Here's my planned ops for tonight and Thursday. Pse note that as we sail
further south, AO27 becomes less available to me. I'm already leaving
the footprint before the seven-minute timer runs out, and it'll get
worse for me before it gets better.


There'll be only pass available while we're in DK68 tonight, and it's a
westerly pass that'll be low at my QTH. Hopefully a few ops will get
this one as we'll likely be out of the grid by the time the oh-dark-30
FO29 pass comes around.


Also, we will probably be in DK96 for a couple hours, but no passes are
expected while we're in that grid, so that one will be a wash.



VO52 - 17/0317Z - DK69

VO52 - 17/0455Z - DK68 (very low western pass here)

FO29 - 17/1016Z - DK78

AO7 - 18/0021Z - DK86

VO52 - 18/0200Z - DK86

AO7 - 18/0216Z - DK86

FO29 - 18/0922Z - DK95



VO52 - 17/1516Z - DK77

AO27 - 17/1916Z - DK77

AO27 - 17/2046Z - DK87

FO29 - 17/2325Z - DK86

VO52 - 18/0334Z - DK86



AO51 - 17/1109Z - DK78

FO29 - 17/1203Z - DK78 or DK77 (western pass)

AO51 - 17/1249Z - DK77

VO52 - 17/1653Z - DK77 (western pass)

SO50 - 17/2136Z - DK87 or DK86 (very close to the line)

FO29 - 17/2141Z - DK87 or DK86 (very close to the line)

AO51 - 17/2211Z - DK86




Jim, ND9M / VQ9JC

Grid DK69



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