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> Recently I lost one of my eme preamps on my tower and used a preamp
> at the shack.  My normal system NF = 0.76 dB.  In the shack I had
> 0.25 + 1.7 dB cable loss = 1.95 dB NF.  That lowered my sensitivity
> by about 5 dB but I still received eme signals.
> 73, Ed - KL7UW
Hi Ed, KL7UW

When you write that your sensitivity lowered by about 5 dB you are
absolutely correct and infact I played with numbars to verify your

Your normal system NF = 0.76 dB
Your normal system noise factor F = 10E (0.76/10) = 1.19
Your normal sys. noise temp. T = ( F-1) x 290 = 0.19 x 290 = 55 kelvin

In the shack system NF = 1.95 dB
In the shack system noise factor F = 10E (1.95/10) = 1.56
In the shack sys noise temp. T = ( F-1) x 290 = 0.56 x 290 = 164 kelvin

Your actual reduction in S/N ratio = 10 log    (55 / 164 ) = - 4.74 dB

You can check your actual S/N reduction of 4.74 dB receiving Sun Noise
or  your own Moon echoes.

By the way a reduction of about 5 dB receiving EME signals is a big S/N
deterioration and so put again the preamplifier at the antenna is mandatory.

When I was on 432 MHz EME early 1977 to 1980 my array was 16 x 21
element yagi and using an antenna mounted home brewed preamplifier
with a GaAsFET V-244 the Sun Noise was about 15 dB at that epoch time
and it was possible for me to receive my own CW echoes from the Moon

Using a more noisy home brewed preamplifier with a bipolar transistor
FJ-203F from Fujitsu antenna mounted the Sun Noise was about 10 dB but
it was absolutely impossible to receive my own echoes from the moon even
using my 1 kW  K2RIW power amplifier.

Nice to remember but unfortunately a big storm destroyed my array at the
end of 1980 !

In a separate email I have sent a picture of it.

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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