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Zachary Beougher zack.kd8ksn at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 12 15:49:01 PST 2011

Thanks Mark,

I guess I will just ride it out... ;-)  I have been through this before, and 
it has gradually gone away.  I would say it was weather related with all of 
the extremes we have had lately, but that shouldn't affect it.



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Hi Zach,

We've gone from 500 mW down to about 460 mW over the last week or 
thereabouts, so I don't think that would be fully explain what you're 

It's a big difference from when we were running 1-1.5 watts, but we haven't 
been at that power level since Feb 26th or so.

The bird is spinning pretty slowly, making 1 revolution around every 10 mins 
or so.  If it happens to have a bad attitude (heh) relative to you, it might 
make one pass better than the other.


Mark N8MH

At 05:33 PM 3/12/2011 -0500, Zachary Beougher wrote:
>Hi! The last few AO51 passes I have been on over the last few days have 
>seemed to have a very weak signal.  I can usually acquire the bird at about 
>2-3 degrees when it comes up from the S, but I was having a hard time 
>hearing it at 10.  Max elevation of the last pass was 23 degrees, and I 
>could barely hear it then.  It seemed like the polarization was all over 
>the place too ­ clear one minute  and gone the next. I was wondering if the 
>transmitter power is lower than it has been ­ I have not seen anythinng on 
>the BB regarding any mode change.  Hopefully it is not something up with my 
>antenna. 73! Zack KD8KSN _______________________________________________ 
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