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Hi All, 

Tank to all who responded to my query about the tsunami on the west coast of USA and particularly to Jim ,ND9M that is on board a ship close to San Diego and infact my son is on board of ship SPIRIT sailing in the same area between San Diego southern California and San Lucas Mexico !

73" de 

i8CVS Domenico
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  Hello Domenico,


  I am on a ship close to San Diego in southern California. There was very little effect from the tsunami when it reached this area. As a precaution, my ship left the coast and sailed out a few miles to deeper waters, but it turned out to be unnecessary, and we have already returned to where we had been.


  We were safe at all times. If your son's ship is in this region, I am sure he is safe as well.




  Jim, ND9M / VQ9JC

  Grid DM13




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  > Hi All,


  > I would like to know if after the terrific earthquake in Japan the tsunami

  > reached the west coast of USA.


  >I am worry about because my son is part of the crew on board the ship

  >"SPIRIT" sailing the coast of California and Mexico


  >Tank you for any information.


  > 73" de 


  > i8CVS Domenico


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