[amsat-bb] Re: Antenna Analyzer

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 6 12:28:06 PST 2011

First, befriend a Motorola technician at your local Moto dealership - if you haven't already.

And you really have two price-point options: about US$400 for an MFJ-269, or a true piece of bench service gear at about US$5000.

If you get an MFJ-269, "use" your contact with a real service tech to "compare" results. There was an issue with QC on the MFJ-269 (SOURCE: Personal experience, as I sold them for a couple of years). So - if you get a good one - or one with consistent results, you'll really enjoy it.

Clint, K6LCS


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