[amsat-bb] Re: Battery-powered UHF Preamp suitable for Arrow or Elk andHT?

John Floyd JFloyd at es.vccs.edu
Fri Mar 4 07:14:39 PST 2011

The Ramsey pre-amps are high gain and sensitive particularly considering the price. I use them on a discone for general reception, usually hooked to a PCR-1000. The only problem I have had is lightning susceptability. I have never had one survive a summer on the Virginia coast. I want to try again with a gas discharge tube in front of it. Also, the broad bandwidth increases intermod. Seems like not a problem for a handheld application unless you like to point antennas at the sky during thunderstorms.

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I built a cheap (about $17 as I recall) little Ramsey UHF preamp in a small enclosure with a 9 V battery rubber-banded to the Arrow boom, but found the Arrow had so much gain at 70 cm, even AO-27 was workable at the horizon.  I used an external MFJ diplexer in lieu of the Arrow built-in-handle diplexer to protect the preamp from RF on transmit (worked fine, BTW).   If you don't find you can hear that well, take a look at your coax and connectors between the antenna and the rig for unusual losses.

I occasionally see the ARR non-relay preamps going on ebay for under $50 as well, and one of those with a double-ended BNC connector would bolt right onto the Arrow driven element connector.

Jerry, K5OE

> Does anyone have a recommendation for a UHF preamp suitable for use with an
> HT and an Arrow? I always wish I had one when I listen for SO-50... it seems
> like it ought to be inline with BNC connectors and battery powered to
> maintain portability...

> Thanks in advance!

> Bryan Green KL7CN
> Usually /W6 in CM98fn

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