[amsat-bb] Re: PVC

Mike1234 mikef1234 at buckeye-express.com
Thu Mar 3 14:46:26 PST 2011

To add to the thread I have a friend who has a semi repair shop. He has run
PVC through out the shop for compressed air. He puts 150 psi through the PVC
for air tools. I have played with PVC for a 2mtr mast. It worked pretty
well. I want to use it in smaller sections for my satellite antennas which I
don't to put up very high until I learn about the whole operation then I
will place it on a roof with better material. I have the Yaesu 5500 rotor
and that thing to me is heavy to lug around. Once it is on a roof with
better materials it stays there until something breaks. I hope this helps.


       Mike   N8GBU


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