[amsat-bb] Re: PHONE4 & iTouch 4

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 2 19:43:11 PST 2011

Once you use PocketSat3 for the iPhone / iPod touch ... you'll never go back ... (grin)

I have been using PocketSat since its old Palm days. It has yet to fail me ... or make an incorrect prediction.

I have purchased many other programs ... and used the freebies. Several are capable - but for me, the true class of the bunch is PocketSat.


Of the 67 iPhone/touch apps I have paid for (in addition to the 80+ freebies), PocketSat3 was the most expensive. A whopping $24.95. 

But I have enjoyed the experience ... a YahooGroups support messagebase. QUICK answers from the author to all my weird support questions, when they arose. Painless, one-touch downloading of AMSAT Keplerian data (and other sat databases, too, if you'd like). Knowing that the author is a fellow ham who CARES about his programs - all that, to me, has been well worth the $25 investment.

Again - there are a couple other titles out there for iPhone/iPod touch that work well. But they do not, IMHO, match the capabilities and power of PocketSat3.

Just my opinion, of course. And I do not own stock in PocketSat3 (grin).

Clint, K6LCS

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