[amsat-bb] Re: Ham Radios on Cuises

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 1 21:04:39 PST 2011

>> ... the web page should also suggest ...

So someone researches all the cruise lines, and creates this Web site.

John Doe posts a story on how he was able to obtain permission to use ham gear on board - despite the "ham gear prohibited" policy.

But Mark Jones can NOT get his equipment aboard on the same cruise line - for WHATEVER reason the cruise line states. You have NO RECOURSE.

Like someone is going to say, "Well, the AMSAT Official Bulletin Board of Anecdotal Cruise Experiences Database" says I CAN bring my stuff on board ... 

The only result of that is embarrassment to whomever has published this "information."

WHAT IS THE POINT of such a database? It can used for absolutely nothing that matters. There is NO CRUISE LINE that states, "Ham radio gear gladly accepted by all passengers." For OBVIOUS safety and security reasons, the written policies prohibit ham gear.

There's so much happening in this hobby right now ... the U.S.' H.R. 607 proves we have not educated our elected officials as to what we accomplish on a daily basis on the air ... we have the 50th anniversary of manned space flight just a few weeks away ... we have the activation of ARISSat-1 also on April 12 ... so many projects and topics that MATTER.

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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