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Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
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OK, the web page could say:

1) "The following have written policy prohibiting all "radio" operations...
   <big list>

2) "The following have written policy prohibiting "amateur radio" operations
   <big list>

3) "On the following lines no one has yet found a written prohibition, but
the captian of the ship should always be informed as to any radio operation
(usually via the Comm officer).
Good luck.  

4) In all categories above.  There are known examples of individuals
obtaining permission.  These cruise lines AND ships have supported amateur

* Then each amateur that has been successful should submit a simple sentence
of what he did (May request his call be removed before posting on the web
page so he is not burdened by continuously answering the same question for
the next 20 years.)  But properly formatting your sentence to answer all the
proper questions in the first place will usually avoid that kind of bother.

Wrote letter advance to ____.  Got written permission
Asked Bursar on arrival to speak to commo...  Got permission
Slipped note under door of comm. shack with my cabin number.. got
permission... etc..



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For what it's worth, you may not be as forward as I am...

On our last cruise (in 2008) I just took my HT and Arrow with me, called
the Purser and asked to speak with the Radio Officer for permission to
operate.  I believe it was the next day that I spoke with them and
described what I was using and what bands, they gave me permission and I
went to work making satellite contacts.

At that time, their primary concern was power, frequency, and whether my
antenna would bother any other passengers.  Princess Cruise Lines.


> Can we nail down all the cruise ships that prohibit it and those that
> allow
> it into a single document.  Then provide a link to it on the AMSAT web
> page?
> This topic comes up over and over, and someday when I retire, I too am
> going
> to want to go on cruise, AND take ham radio along, and so I too will be
> asking this question.
> So this is a good INFO topic that we need to collectively nail down, and
> then get it permanently posted on the AMSAT web page...
> Thanks...
> Then we can UPDATE it as new info comes in (everyone write their cruise
> ship
> and indicate you're not taking their cruise if you cannot bring your
> radio)...
> Bob

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