[amsat-bb] Re: Ham Radios on Cruises

n0jy@lavabit.com n0jy at lavabit.com
Tue Mar 1 10:16:36 PST 2011

For what it's worth, you may not be as forward as I am...

On our last cruise (in 2008) I just took my HT and Arrow with me, called
the Purser and asked to speak with the Radio Officer for permission to
operate.  I believe it was the next day that I spoke with them and
described what I was using and what bands, they gave me permission and I
went to work making satellite contacts.

At that time, their primary concern was power, frequency, and whether my
antenna would bother any other passengers.  Princess Cruise Lines.


> Can we nail down all the cruise ships that prohibit it and those that
> allow
> it into a single document.  Then provide a link to it on the AMSAT web
> page?
> This topic comes up over and over, and someday when I retire, I too am
> going
> to want to go on cruise, AND take ham radio along, and so I too will be
> asking this question.
> So this is a good INFO topic that we need to collectively nail down, and
> then get it permanently posted on the AMSAT web page...
> Thanks...
> Then we can UPDATE it as new info comes in (everyone write their cruise
> ship
> and indicate you're not taking their cruise if you cannot bring your
> radio)...
> Bob

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