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If it is a 10 second rev rate then it is a radar aircraft (the one with the
HUGE pancake dome on the top) operating way off shore. The aircraft is the
E2C or variant.  If it is an 8 second rev period, then it is a ship's SPS-40
radar.  Neither one is supposed to operate on the 430 MHz band within LOS of
the Contineental USA.  But for the aircraft that is almost 200 miles away..

During war, they can operate anywhere they want. We are 2ndary...


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Drew et All

I get the same interference from time to time here at EM30  Lafayette, La. I
am told this is from ships moored in the Port of Baton Rouge some 50 miles
away.  I am told that this is a very old radar. I hear the signal strength
go up and down on an interval of about 10 seconds and I assume that the
antenna is rotating at about 6 RPM.



This is just a short video of the severe RADAR QRM I had today while trying
to work FO-29. This is about as bad as I've ever seen it here in Central
Florida. Please ignore my son coughing in the background (he's getting
better fast), along with one of my male cockatiels crooning to the female
one. :-)

73, Drew KO4MA



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