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Something like this http://www.qsl.net/pe1rah/  would be perfect to "plant" on the ISS 

73 Bob W7LRD 


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Wasn't going to comment, but oh heck! 

I think Alex has it pegged.  I see a lot of Astronauts getting their 
ham license but figure that is probably NASA "encouraged" mainly for 
PR purposes and secondarily for emergency comms if the main systems 
fail.  It is likely many Astronauts are not particularly interested 
in ham radio, per se.  I'll admit making your first contact with 
either the shuttle or ISS is a thrill and fun, but the opportunities 
may be not that frequent, nor should any ham expect it to be so. 
Now on a related subject, I would really favor Amsat approaching NASA 
for the installation of a linear transponder (say Mode UV) unit to be 
attached to the exterior of ISS (with remote shut-off for ISS 
critical operations).  This may be a better option to finding/paying 
for launch opportunities for free orbiting linear-transponder 
satellites.  Since there is a regular launch schedule to resupply ISS 
and no propellant/engine would be involved it would be a benign cargo item. 

I do not underestimate the difficulty quotient for such a mission, 
but we do have ham gear installed on ISS, and have done Suitsat and 
ARISSat with NASA and ISS. 

If no launch is forthcoming for P3E perhaps the backup unit (sans 
propellant system and solar panels) could be considered?  It would be 
in a Leo orbit but at least it would provide a long-term alternative 
to FM Leos. 

Something to chew on and consider? 

73, Ed - KL7UW 

At 05:57 AM 6/29/2011, Alexander Sack wrote: 
>On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 7:40 AM, KM9U <arskm9u at gmail.com> wrote: 
> > 
> > 
> >>> So I think everyone read the announcement ARRL made before FD.  Now 
> >>> that FD weekend is at an end, can someone explain to me why NASA 
> >>> couldn't let the astronauts have 10 minutes on the radio for one pass? 
> >>>  I mean were they having issues with the radio itself? 
> > 
> > During Expedition 24/25, Col. Wheelock made many contacts from the ISS  in 
> > the evenings and on weekends during his free time. This was not because he 
> > was "scheduled" to be the radio, but rather because he enjoyed doing it. 
> > I don't believe we can blame NASA for the current crew members obvious lack 
> > of interest in Amateur Radio. Had Col. Wheelock (or someone as 
> enthustiastic 
> > as he) been aboard the ISS on FD, NA1SS would likely not have been silent. 
> > 
> >> Have you never make a calculation or an estimation on how it costs a 10 
> >> minutes of an astronaut activity all costs including on board of the ISS ? 
>I don't buy it. 
>What I do believe is the current crew isn't that interested in making 
>contacts with amateur radio operators.  That's fine.  Operating the 
>radio outside the educational outreach program is ertainly not part of 
>their mission.  I will just have to be more patient and hope someone 
>gets the ham bug up there during some mission and starts to make 
>contacts.  I can wait. 
>I DO want to state again I think it behooves NASA and the whole space 
>program to try to get someone on that radio like a Col Wheelock 
>(doesn't have to be as frequent as Col Wheelock) to generate the 
>enthusiasm and excitement for the ISS and the whole space program 
>among hams.  My 2 cents. 
> > This brings up an interesting thought. The astronauts receive monetary 
> > compensation for performing their duties while employed by NASA. So, if 
> > their employer schedules them to operate amateur radio as part of their job 
> > assignment, would this not violate Part 97.113 (Prohibited transmissions) 
> > which specifically prohibits "Communications in which the station licensee 
> > or control operator has a pecuniary interest, including communications on 
> > behalf of an employer". 
> > Now, DON'T GET YOUR PANTIES IN A WAD! It is just a question. 
> > 
>There is no pecuniary interest involved as I see it. 
>-aps (KC2ZSX) 
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