[amsat-bb] Re: CA Ham Plates - Warning!

George and Cheryl Abbott ka1ajf at cox.net
Wed Jun 29 10:44:55 PDT 2011

If you make too big of an issue out of this motor vehicle divisions around 
the country may begin to treat radio operator pates as vanity plates and 
charge accordingly.I would care about being charged an additional fee by the 

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George and Cheryl,

So who is complaining?  You?  Harvey and I signed using our call signs.
I've never complained about hams getting more privileges, voice, WARC
bands, digital modes, LF, etc.  Leaves more energy to be concerned about
hams possibly loosing privileges.

73, Larry W7IN (57 years a ham op.)

On 6/29/2011 7:04 AM, George and Cheryl Abbott wrote:
> Why do you think that this is such a big deal?Sounds similar to the old 
> timers complaining about the granting of voice privileges for novices back 
> in the 80's.Get a life!
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> Harvey, K5HV
> Kerrville, TX
>> Larry W7IN, Plains MT

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