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Ed.  There is a big difference between an HF net where everyone can more or less be heard (at least as interference) and a satellite where the strongest signal captures it.  There is no FCC ruling that would support a "net call" operation and any one with a valid license could get on and bang away to their hearts content and all the "net control" station could do is hurl harsh words and lots of OO notices.  I was a part of the ATS system for a bit. Nets work when being part of the net is the price of being on the bird.  

Where is Wayne Green when we need him?  Robert Oler WB5MZO Life Member AMSAT ARRL NARS
> Ah you are inventing problems.  The "real NC" would quickly assert 
> their position.  There are lots of nets held on ham radio...how often 
> do others claim to be net control...virtually never.  If you are 
> saying someone will cause malicious interference, there is no cure 
> other than peer pressure and official FCC action.
> The way to introduce Net Controlled passes is to do it in advance of 
> FD.  In fact the idea might catch on when folks find it manages the 
> typical "FM chaos" that reigns currently.
> I propose there be a Net Day every month on certain FM satellites 
> starting with AO-51, if it is healthy enough. Good practise for a 
> real "emergency comm" situation.  There are ARES Nets held regularly 
> all over the nation on VHF/UHF... why not on satellite?
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