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Gary "Joe" Mayfield gary_mayfield at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 27 21:02:15 PDT 2011

One and done -- It's been several years, does anyone think it has worked????
Maybe it is time to reconsider.  I know it has convinced us to drop a
satellite station from our lineup.  Kevin or I just do the hand and Arrow
for ten minutes get a Q and then pack it up.

Joe kk0sd

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The intent of the rule was to reduce the congestion on the FM satellites by 
getting stations OFF them after making their one QSO, thereby giving more 
stations the opportunity to make a QSO.  So the way I interpret it, and the
I've operated since the rule was adopted (and I was one of those who hounded
ARRL to adopt it), is "ONE and you're DONE."  

Not two, or twenty, and you only get to SCORE one...


George, KA3HSW

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> Yes, so I read this to say:
>     You can make  as many satellite QSO's as you want.
>     They count as another  band, each counts for QSO credit.
>     You get 100 bonus point when  you make the first
>     Only one QSO out of the total QSOs can come  from any/all of the FM 
> birds.
> Could a lot of the "multi-QSO" issues  have come from the fact that folks 
> simply didn't understand the  rules?
> Bill
> W1PA
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