[amsat-bb] Re: Off Topic AO-27/ISS

Jeremy Bomkamp wa113y3s at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 27 14:58:57 PDT 2011


When AO-27 is in digital mode it is transmitting telemetry, I think you can 
download the program to decode it on the AO-27 website.  I haven't heard the 
digital on AO-51 but it is probably APRS/Packet and who knows why unless someone 
decodes it, there was a lot of packet on HO-68 when it was in FM mode but a lot 
was autobeacons meant for the ISS.

The ISS sounded normal as far as signal strength on Saturday, but I haven't 
heard it since, the last pass(2140Z) was a high pass and I didn't hear anything 
on 145.800 or 145.825, can you decode any of the packets you hear?  If they are 
from the ISS the packet will start with RS0ISS-4(or -3 as has been used recently 
for whatever reason) or the packet will have RS0ISS-4* or RS0ISS-3* indicating 
it was digipeated by the ISS.  The RS0ISS-3 started being used around June 18, 
but it did use -4 a couple times since


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