[amsat-bb] Re: FD Mess

Bill Acito W1PA w1pa at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 27 13:59:09 PDT 2011

>Note that it says "additional QSOs may be counted for QSO credit ***unless 
>prohibited under Rule*** " (emphasis mine), which you conveniently 
>omitted. Rule says "Stations are limited to one (1) completed QSO 
>on any single channel FM satellite."
>So yes, there IS such a rule.

7.3.7. Satellite QSO: 100 bonus points for successfully completing at least 
one QSO via an
amateur radio satellite during the Field Day period. "General Rules for All 
ARRL Contests" (Rule
3.7.2.), (the no-repeater QSO stipulation) is waived for satellite QSOs. 
Groups are allowed one
dedicated satellite transmitter station without increasing their entry 
Satellite QSOs also count for regular QSO credit. Show them listed 
separately on the summary sheet as a separate
You do not receive an additional bonus for contacting different satellites, 
though the
additional QSOs may be counted for QSO credit unless prohibited under Rule The QSO
must be between two Earth stations through a satellite. Available to Classes 
A, B, and F. Stations are limited to one (1) completed QSO on any single channel 
FM satellite.

Yes, so I read this to say:
    You can make as many satellite QSO's as you want.
    They count as another band, each counts for QSO credit.
    You get 100 bonus point when you make the first
    Only one QSO out of the total QSOs can come from any/all of the FM 

Could a lot of the "multi-QSO" issues have come from the fact that folks 
simply didn't understand the rules?


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