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Dee morsesat at optonline.net
Mon Jun 27 12:58:27 PDT 2011


This certainly brought about heavy criticism from the satellite community.
I for one encourage this discussion.  It seems to break down to having a
satellite that is a linear bird and wide enough to let everyone find a good
spot and communicate- something like the HF bands provided this past

It seems that the Field day ops would like to see another HEO or MEO linear
since most of them came armed for this type of bird usage.   The FM birds
are not a useful item for the one QSO that is needed for these 100 points.
I had an ARROW that was split up on a Yaesu rotor with LVB tracker
controlling the antenna and rig.  This was a great conversation demo while
waiting for a pass.  Many interested operators and satellite user wanabees
came to look at the neat stuff.  

Unfortunately, In order to get another HEO or MEO bird the class of OSCAR
10,  13,  and/or 40 will take a campaign that will ask us operators to dig
deep into our  pockets to produce such a satellite.  With ITAR in recent
memory as a roadblock to international co-operation, collaboration between
AMSAT organizations is at an impasse.  Yes, the smaller more compact
cubesats are filled with the newest technology and I believe that this is
the way to go.  ARRISat is due to be dropped off in orbit in July and has
this type of electronics.  Another LEO.

I will be monitoring and keeping track of people that are reminiscing about
the linear birds we used in the past and were able to satisfy the needs of
all that wanted to have a QSO via Satellites.  If you feel like me about a
new campaign, it is going to have a big price tag.  This is why we assist
the higher learning institutions to assemble a linear bird along with their
experiments since they have the money to put them together along with a
"launch opportunity."  This saves the satellite community very hard to find


Dee Interdonato, NB2F



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