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George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Mon Jun 27 11:50:43 PDT 2011

Note that it says "additional QSOs may be counted for QSO credit ***unless 
prohibited under Rule*** " (emphasis mine), which you conveniently 

Rule says "Stations are limited to one (1) completed QSO on any single 
channel FM satellite."

So yes, there IS such a rule.

George, KA3HSW

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> There is no such rule in the FD that limits you to one Satellite contact. You  
>need AT LEAST one for the 100 bonus points: 
> >From the FD rules  (2011):
> 7.3.7. Satellite QSO: 100 bonus points for successfully completing at  least 
>one QSO via an amateur radio satellite during the Field Day period.  "General 
>Rules for All ARRL Contests" (Rule 3.7.2.), (the no-repeater QSO  stipulation) 
>is waived for satellite QSOs. Groups are allowed one dedicated  satellite 
>transmitter station without increasing their entry category. Satellite  QSOs 
>also count for regular QSO credit. Show them listed separately on the  summary 
>sheet as a separate "band." You do not receive an additional bonus for  
>contacting different satellites, though the additional QSOs may be counted for  
>QSO credit unless prohibited under Rule The QSO must be between two  
>Earth stations through a satellite. Available to Classes A, B, and F. 
> 73,
> Andreas, N6NU, CM87VK

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