[amsat-bb] "FO-29 performs well. Its a shame I often find myself the only one on during the pass "

Thomas Doyle tomdoyle1948 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 07:00:10 PDT 2011

The following quote from John W9EN hit home with me.

"FO-29 performs well.  Its a shame I often find myself the only one on
during the pass "

I am an AMSAT old timer (Amsat LM-0875) who had been inactive in ham radio
for a decade or two. Recently
I got back on the air. The easiest way to get back on the air was 2M/70cm
repeaters. The activity level
on the repeaters here in Madison is at an very low level. In the old days
you could always find someone
on the repeaters. I was a bit surprised to say the least.

Back in the day I worked WAS on Oscar using scratch built transverters. I
thought I might give the current
satellites a try. I thought my gear was not working but I guess it is the
low level of activity on the sats. The same
situation occurred about 65 million years ago when the few remaining
dinosaurs stood around and asked
themselves - where is everybody. Today "everybody" is playing Angry Birds on
their iWhatever or tweeting
the fact that they are up and going to have breakfast soon.

One thing that would help the satellite hobby is a more modern use of the
internet for discussions. I searched
for an Amsat yahoo group and could not find anything. Some sort of threaded
discussion system with actual search
capability like the yahoo groups would be much more useful than the current
'old school' listserv. Unfortunately
the few people who read this will think I am nuts and that the current
system works great - "for them". That is
always the situation when something is in decline - the few remaining folks
like things just fine the way they are.

73 tom W9KE

P.S. the spell checker on my email system picked the word "transverters" as
misspelled. It suggested "transvestites"
as a possible correct spelling. I guess I am truly a dinosaur.

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