[amsat-bb] Re: Fw: O\OREOS Help

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Mon Jun 20 11:54:11 PDT 2011

The satellite name in your Doppler.SQF file must EXACTLY match the name in your 
keps file, unless you have an entry in the AmsatNames.txt file to translate from 
the ID or International Designator number to the name you are using.  

That being said, in the NASA 2-line keps available from AMSAT, O/OREOS is listed 
as OOREOS, with no slash.  That's probably your issue, right there...

George, KA3HSW

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> From: Jack Barbera <barberaalderwood at yahoo.com>
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> Sent: Mon, June 20, 2011 1:02:15 PM
> Subject: [amsat-bb]  Fw: O\OREOS Help
> Need  a little help.Trying to add O\OREOS to my Doppler.SQF file in note pad.
> Have  entered 
> O\OREOS,437.3050,AX.25,NOR,0,0;1200 Baud
> This does not work for  me.What did I do incorrectly?Can anyone help?
> Thanks 
> Jack  WA1ZDV

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