[amsat-bb] We Have a WINNER!

i8cvs domenico.i8cvs at tin.it
Sat Jun 18 09:07:59 PDT 2011

Hi All,

We have a WINNER in the "Who is this AMSAT-NA Gentleman ?" contest!

Photo at ...


The answers spanned across five email replies.

1) Mark L Hammond N8MH writes: "It's Dr. Tom :) I don't know the dog..."

2)W4ART Arthur Feller writes:
   That's Tom Clark, then W3IWI and W0LND, in the AMSAT office at the time.
   The dog came with Martha Saragovitz.
   Got me on the date, even though I remember Tom in his thinner days.
   Probably around the summer of 1980, more or less.

3) W4DID,Louis McFadin writes: Tom Clark W3IWI. That is probably Martha/s
    dog. Date ?

4) Hans PA4PCJ writes: The answer is Chris van der Berg from the

5)Dee Interdonato, NB2F writes: This is Tom Clark, W3IWI .Dog was owned by
   Martha.Picture taken (I Guess) around January 2000

The correct answere is:
The person photografed  is Tom Clark K3IO ex W3IWI
The dog is owned by Martha Saragowitz
The date was 29 june 1996 and the picture was taken by W3PK Perry Klein at
Board Meeting

The correct answere for the person and the closest answere for the date
comes from Dee Interdonato, NB2F and so:

DEE ,NB2F has been declared the WINNER of this contest and he will receive a
special QSL card from i8CVS......Congratulations !

Tank you All for partecipating to the above Contest.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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