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The AMSAT Keps distribution service dates back to the dark ages when the
Internet as we know it did not exist.  Many got their info from the packet
system since e-mail was fairly hard, and expensive, to come by.  Also, all
satellites were in a high enough orbits, and did not maneuver, that their
Keps changed very slowly.  Usually the Keps were good for a month or more,
with the difference being only a few seconds when you updated.  AMSAT.ALL is
updated about once a week, no matter how many times you download it.  For
most satellites, that was, and is, more than enough.  They do have the
advantage that they use only the common satellite names, and at times in the
past have quietly fixed some cases where Space Track has incorrectly paired
object numbers with common names.  They also include Keps for satellites
which for some reason do not appear from Space Track, but only on their own
web sites.

For the ISS, and the Shuttle for one more flight, your best source for data
is CelesTrak which does Keps, and only Keps, or Space Track.  All the major
tracking programs will do this for you, though you will need to insure they
are using the correct files.  It is a common problem, often discussed here,
and relatively simply addressed.  For one old program I use for special
purposes, I just cut and paste the new data if necessary.  

The Keps posted there are not really an integral part of the AMSAT web site,
but just a place where the data is provided for convenience.  I hope a bit
of historical perspective, and understanding what is going on behind the
scenes, helps.



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So I have confirmed HRD is like 23 minutes ahead of Amsat, I got a good Digi
Qso on the last pass... I just dont see why Amsat shows good info but not on
there keps download.
Probly will get fixed soon, just makin sure HRD users were on the same
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