[amsat-bb] Re: Broadcasting

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Tue Jun 7 11:24:43 PDT 2011

> > > I'm not understanding the legalities of beaconing 
>> > and  broadcasting.  Are they not the same.

No, they aren't, at least not here in the states.  

Beaconing is defined by Part 97.3(a)(9) as transmissions "...for the purposes of 
observation of propagation and reception or other related experimental 
activities" and is one of the few one-way transmissions allowed under the 
rules.  A beacon station may not transmit concurrently on more than one 
frequency, transmit with more than 100 watts output, nor be automatically 
controlled below 28.200 MHz or outside the band segments defined in 97.203(d)  
(except for the NCDXF/IARU HF beacon network, which operates under an FCC 

Broadcasting is defined by 97.3(a)(10) as "Transmissions intended for reception 
by the general public, either direct or relayed" and is one of the prohibited 
types of transmissions identified in 97.113.

George, KA3HSW

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