[amsat-bb] Re: Broadcasting

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jun 7 08:16:48 PDT 2011

> I'm not understanding the legalities of beaconing 
> and broadcasting.  Are they not the same.

Neither one describes APRS.  APRS is a group of stations participating in a
network no different than the round table discussions on the local voice
repeater during commute times.  Someone that has info to contribute,
transmits and everyone copies it.  With one transmission, everyone in the
net is updated, a very efficient 2-way system.

What is frustrating to see on APRS is so little USEFUL real-time content of
interest to the mobile operator.  What the local network should provide to
the front panel of your radio when you are driving are these things (and
their location):

Frequency of the locally recommended voice repeater (and TONE)
Frequency of local IRLP/Echolink or other asset
Local weather
Any NETS in progress
Any hamfest coming up in the next 2 weeks
ANY other ham activity in progress
Any incoming messages from your friends

See www.aprs.org/localinfo.html

In addition, of course, you see all the other APRS mobiles nearby, and if
one is within direct SIMPLEX range, you can hear a "Voice Alert Beep"
letting you know he is looking for a contact.
See www.aprs.org/VoiceAlert3.html

On satellites what we used to see was not only the location of the
satellite, but also all the other participants.  In addition to the range
and direction to the satellite, we used to see the instantaneous uplink and
downlink and Doppler.  This was very handy for handheld satellite operation.
But again, this required someone in the footprint to be running software
that would uplink this info in real time.  After over a decade, the
excitement wore off, and now we have too many lights-on-nobody-home type

See www.aprs.org/astars.html about 65% down the page "APRS Bulletins and


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