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Daniel Lind kf1buz at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 19:42:37 PDT 2011

 If I am broadcasting with my beacon on, I am sorry, if I see a friend pop
on and I send him a message, sorry again.

I am a newish ham and built my own cable to make my ft7800 able to do
packet. No my car it has a tiny track and as it is parked it sends out a
burst, just like all the aprs repeaters on 144.390 broadcasting away to any
one who will listen.

I am thinking that if you are upset that I am taking the seconds away from
you at 5am PST to send a message on something that I built and out the J
pole I made. Again I am sorry, but I think that isn't the issue. It's the
fact that we are doing it with low end equipment that a Tech license allows
us to use.
  When the new crew arrive on the 9th, there will be 2 more ham guys, and
you can bet your $$$$$$$$ equipment that I will take out my ft 60 and make a
nice QSO like I have before.

Sorry for the rant but, there ya have it.

PM me if you really have any issues.


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Bash Kevin if you want, but isn't 99.9% of all APRS broadcasting?  You never
really expect a response from anyone, and what true purpose does the digi on
the ISS perform?  Most of it is amateurs BROADCASTING their locations, no
emergency traffic, the only real protocol is to ID and no swearing which
both KF7MYK and KF7BUZ complied with, at least it wasn't HI HI, roger, roger
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