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> I have purchased a G5500.  The control box have a 117Vac label  in the
> real panel.  I opened it and a wire is connected through the fuse to the
> terminal number 3 of the KT-30 transformer and the other wire through the
> main switch to the terminal number 1 of the KT-30 transformer.
> I am wondering how I should connect it to work with 220Vac in Europe.
> Thanks in advance. ea4cyq at amsat.org

Hi Juan Antonio, EA4CYQ

Happy to hear from you again ! How many wires comes out from the primary
winding of the KT-30 transformer ?

If the primay winding of KT-30 transformer has only two wires the number
3 and the number 1 then it has been winded to work only with 117 Vac
and in this case you need an external autotransformer 220/117 to supply
the control box.

On the reversed side if the primary winding of the KT-30 transformer has
four wires it means that the primary has been made with two separate
windings of 117 Vac each so that is you connect two windings in parallel
you can supply it with 117 Vac and if you connect two windings in series
with the correct phase relationship you can supply it with 220 Vac

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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