[amsat-bb] FT726 opinions

John Geiger aa5jg at fidmail.com
Fri Jul 29 21:08:53 PDT 2011

I am at a hamfest this weekend where there is a FT726R for sale in decent condition.  It has the stock 2m module, and the HF (15, 12, 10M0 as well as a tone encoder (with dip switches) installed.  The UHF module was pulled from it, and the owner didn't know if it has the satellite board or not, but I am guessing that it probably does given the module lineup where it would have covered Mode A, T, J and B when it had the UHF module in it.

They are asking $200 for it which seems like a great price, and it even has the original service manual with it.  Are these still pretty good satellite rigs?  Is there much of a chance of finding a 430-440mhz module for it?  I already have a 2m rig as well as a HF rig, but would be nice to have a backup for each.  Are there many age related issues going wrong with the 726?

73s John AA5JG

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