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>From the Russian-published sked for ISS activities tomorrow - as anticipated/expected ...

Operations and experiments on the International Space Station July 30, 2011
July 30 on the Russian segment of International Space Station scheduled for surgery on re-entry spacecraft "Progress M-11M" quick removal of screw terminals and docking system of internal transition, the closure of the transfer hatches spacecraft "Progress M-11M", the control tightness of hatches, prepare and test integration of microsatellite "Cedar" (experiment "Radioskaf"), as well as weekly cleaning stations, coolant maintenance and rest of the crew.
ISS attitude control mode is supported on gyrodines American segment.

... and this for next week - EVA-29 ...

Preparations for the spacewalk continues

:: 29/07/2011

On the International Space Station (ISS) continued preparations for the spacewalk from the Russian program, which is scheduled for August 3.
Today the crew will prepare a piece on-board laser communication terminal to install it on the outer surface of the module "Zvezda", then hold a training session to test the emergency move out of the bay, "Pierce" in the transitional compartment module "Zvezda", which can be used as a backup airlock.
In accordance with the plan of preparation for the exit at the end of the day the astronauts raskonserviruyut cargo ship "Progress M-10M", docked to the bay, "Pierce", closed passageways and check their integrity.

Scheduled for Monday training Sergei Volkov and Alexander Samokutyaeva in spacesuits.

Opening the exit hatch is scheduled on August 3 at 18 hours 35 minutes Moscow time. The duration of all work in open space (from opening to closing of the exit hatch) on the calculated data is about six hours.

The key objectives of output: launch a microsatellite "Cedar" (experiment "Radioskaf"), dated to the year the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight, the transfer of cargo boom with the docking module "Pirs" module on research (MIM), "Search", as well as conducting number of operations on the service module "Zvezda". Within the medical and biological experiments "Biorisk" to the surface, "Pierce" will place the platform with three containers, designed to study the possible influence of microorganisms on structural materials used in space technology. The astronauts will conduct photography equipment at MIM "Search" bar and "Komplast" FGB "Zarya" picture "Gagarin", "King", "Tsiolkovsky".

Alexander Samokutyaevu have to make a first appearance in his career. His colleague, Sergei Volkov during the previous flight had twice worked in open space.

Press Service of the Russian Federal Space Agency and the PMU
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