[amsat-bb] UT1FG/MM QSL Cards

Zachary Beougher zack.kd8ksn at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 29 06:43:44 PDT 2011

Hi All,

I received QSL cards from Yuri, UT1FG’s, most recent /mm expedition 
yesterday via his manager, UX0FY.  I was missing 5 grids/QSOs, so I 
forwarded the list to Eugene, UX0FY, and he forwarded them onto Yuri.  I 
received an email from Yuri last night and he said that he would have the 
additional card in the mail, and he also said as a side note that he would 
be back out in the water this October.  We can all look forward to that!

For those of you that have sent cards to either Yuri or his manager via 
direct, I would not be surprised if it took a month to get there.  It took 
about 1 month for my letter to get to Eugene, and then it took another 2 
weeks for his return to get to me, so be patient.

For those of you that are waiting to send your requests, I would go ahead 
and pack your request up now.  The choice is really up to you as far as if 
you want to send it to Yuri or his manager.  I have heard success stories 
both ways.  I would not send several QSL cards.  I would send one card with 
the first QSO listed (just for Yuri’s collection), and then I would send an 
Excel/ HRD spreadsheet with all of the QSO dates, times, AND GRIDS listed in 
a very easy to understand format.  I sent $2 US with mine per Eugene’s 
request, and I never was able to determine if he did receive the $2 or if it 
had been pilfered.  I did hear from Eugene that they had decided to send all 
cards unsolicited, but I would still send a request with one QSL card, a 
spreadsheet with all QSOs listed, and $2/IRC for a return to help defray 

Email was extremely beneficial during this process.  Both Yuri and Eugene’s 
email addresses on QRZ.com are correct.  If you do send an email, and do not 
receive a response within a couple days, resend it.  I had to resend mine 
once before it made it to Eugene.  Requesting read-receipts are also helpful 
for ensuring your email made it if it does not require a response from them. 
I would not recommend sending several repetitive emails to either of them. 
I would send one when you send your request and ask them to email you when 
they receive it.  Eugene was very good at letting me know when he received 
mine.  He will then let you know once he sends the return, and then you can 
email him and confirm once you receive it.

If anyone has questions, feel free to email me.  As I said, just be patient 
during this process as it may take a while.  If you have sent something and 
it has been 1-2 months and you have not heard anything, I would email 
whoever you sent it to and check if they have received it.



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