[amsat-bb] Re: Oscarlocator

Rich Dailey richdailey at windstream.net
Thu Jul 28 13:05:17 PDT 2011

Ah, yes... the Oscarlocator. Why I remember back in the day when...

I'll spare you all, except to say that if I recall correctly, once the correct overlay was
selected, we would take nothing more than two pieces of data, the time of an ascending equator crossing
(EQX abbreviation comes to mind), and the longitude of that crossing, then just extrapolate
it out for other times. Seems like the orbit calendars that were printed in the magazines listed
a half dozen or so orbits (a month?). From that minimal info you could "run" your predictions out
fairly accurately for a good while. Seems like AO-10, being HEO, had multiple overlays, no? or at least
one very squiggly looking one. Been a while.

There were rumors that guys were beginning to use computers to predict passes, and to provide
realtime updates. But who would spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, have to input all of
those Keplerian elements, when the Oscarlocator will give you the same info? Unthinkable. A passing fancy. :-)

Rich, N8UX.

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