[amsat-bb] WD9EWK @ DM35/DM45, Saturday (30 July)

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Thu Jul 28 11:03:22 PDT 2011


I am planning a day-trip to northern Arizona on Saturday, 30 July.
My plan is to operate on the DM35/DM45 grid boundary west of 
Flagstaff (Coconino County) in the afternoon and early evening, 
probably starting with the AO-27 pass just after 2000 UTC.  I will
work FM and SSB satellites from up there.  AO-7 in mode A may even 
be an option, if the weather isn't turning bad late in the day.  
Weather predictions are calling for scattered thunderstorms in the
Flagstaff area on Saturday, so that might get in the way.

On my way to the DM35/DM45 boundary, I may stop at the DM34/DM44
boundary between Phoenix and Flagstaff for the morning VO-52 passes.
I doubt I will wake up early enough to drive all the way to the 
DM35/DM45 in time for the VO-52 passes, but the DM34/DM44 boundary 
is a possibility.  Since I was just at DM34 a couple of weeks ago and
at DM44 in early June, the DM34/DM44 boundary isn't the primary goal
of this day-trip - just another chance to put those two rarely-heard 
grids on the air on my way north.  The worst-case scenario for the 
VO-52 passes could be simply working them from DM33/DM43 here in 
Phoenix, and then making the drive directly to the DM35/DM45 boundary 
in time for that AO-27 pass in the early afternoon. 

While I am driving around northern Arizona on Saturday, I will have 
APRS running on my TH-D72A as WD9EWK-9.  APRS coverage is good in much 
of northern Arizona, although I don't know how well it will be at the
DM35/DM45 boundary itself.  It was OK at my Field Day site last month, 
in a picnic ground just east of the boundary that is on slightly higher 
ground.  Among other places online, http://aprs.fi/wd9ewk-9 should show 
my travels on Saturday.  

As with my other trips, I'm happy to send out QSL cards to confirm
any QSOs made at DM35/DM45 and - if I stop there - DM34/DM44.  Just
send me an e-mail with the QSO details.  If you're in the log, I will
drop a card in the mailbox.  No need to first send me a card or SASE.
QSOs will also be uploaded to Logbook of the World. 


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK 

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