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George and Cheryl Abbott ka1ajf at cox.net
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Lee:FYI:It is  my understanding that a big solar flare preceded the massive 
9.1 level earthquake in Japan on 3/11/11.We live in interesting times. 73 
George,W1GMA(The Voice of Hopkinton).

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Space Weather News for July 27, 2011

BIG SUNSPOTS: After more than a week of quiet, solar activity is picking up 
with the emergence of two large sunspot groups on the sun's northeastern 
limb.  The active regions are crackling with C- and M-class solar flares. 
So far none of the eruptions has been squarely Earth directed, but that 
could change in the days ahead as solar rotation turns the sunspots to face 
our planet. Visit http://spaceweather.com for images and more information.

SUNSPOT TELESCOPE:  Explore Scientific's White Light Solar Observing System 
is perfect for monitoring large sunspots (and small ones too) and it is now 
available in the Space Weather Store:

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