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  Hi Domenico,


  When BRASAT (AMSAT - BR) we do not have much information. Some years back we walk probing information to activate it, but we had no information, only that the Junior Castro was the holder of the AMSAT-BR.  If you observe, the only ham entity that is supporting the project NANOSATC-BR is the Amateur Radio Association Santamariense - ASRA, a small local association, but big in their efforts. 

  73' Pirajá, PS8RF

  Hi Piraja' ,PS8RF
  It means that as soon Junior De Castro, PY2BJO abandoned his BRAMSAT activity with a lot of his personal money and donations than AMSAT Brazil do not existed anymore.

  Same story on the recent events in AMSAT-France. 

  Because of no HEO satellites in orbit AMSAT is loosing every day his power and many old members.

  Sorry to say that. 

  73" de

  i8CVS Domenico

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  > Brazil is preparing to launch the NANOSATC-BR. The design of the BR-NANOSATC
  > is being developed by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) and
  > students of Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) of state Rio Grande
  > do Sul here in Brazil.
  > "The BR-NANOSATC will have two scientific instruments, a magnetometer and
  > also a particle detector of precipitation for monitoring real-time
  > geospatial, and the precipitation of particles in the magnetosphere
  > disturbances on the Brazilian territory to determine its effects on regions
  > such as the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly (SAMA, the English acronym) and
  > the Brazilian sector of the equatorial electrojet.
  > This anomaly [SAMA] is a "failure" of the Earth's magnetic field in this
  > region, which is about Brazil, "said Jose Manuel Octavio Coordinator of the
  > National Institute for Space Research of Brazil. As a consequence of this
  > anomaly, there is a greater risk of the presence of particles high-energy
  > region, which can affect communications, signals from global positioning
  > satellites (like GPS), or even cause failure of electronic equipment such as
  > onboard computers. The INPE has been studying this anomaly for decades,
  > including several researchers international reputation, which even took part
  > in defining the mission and its payload. "
  > According to Otavio Durão, Technical Coordinator NanosatC-Br and INPE, the
  > situation referred to is its launch in November 2012. The uplink frequency
  > (UHF) and downlink (VHF) have been allocated by the IARU. The telemetry will
  > be at 145.865 MHz 9k6 BPSK. The project is receiving support from the
  > Amateur Radio Association Santamariense - ASRA and call sign of the control
  > station will be PY3EB. Durão told me it will be very interesting and welcome
  > the participation of the Amateur Radio satellite tracking.
  > We are waiting for soon the website with all the information the CubeSat
  > The project is in full swing.
  > IARU Informations:
  > http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/finished_detail.php?serialnum=209
  > 73'
  > Pirajá, PS8RF
  > Hi Piraja', PS8RF
  > Daily I see news about new CubeSat's.. but like the one you mentioned
  > (build by commercial company), most of them have nothing to do with
  > Ham Radio anymore.
  > Ham Radio is only the vehicle to use our frequencies, that's all.. they are
  > not interested in ham radio...
  > I think it will not take long and we may loose our satellite frequencies
  > to the CubeSat community of institutes, industry, etc...
  > On the other hand, if the worldwide ham radio community does not support
  > P3-E, how can AMSAT-DL ever finish it and get it launched ?
  > I'm still optimistic regarding an affordable launch for P3-E in the future
  > but it may happen that we have a launch but AMSAT does not exist anymore
  > due to the lack of money to keep the world wide organization running..
  > The old HEO satellite users of OSCAR-10, OSCAR-13 and AO40 are
  > becoming old and they are very tired to wait for a real new satellite
  > capable to supply a worl wide communications better than on HF as
  > promised to us by AMSAT many years ago and this is why the numbar of
  > AMSAT member is reducing and the strenght of AMSAT is rapidly
  > diminishing or do not exist anymore like actually occurs to AMSAT-France.
  > You writes only "Brazil is preparing to launch the NANOSATC-BR" so that
  > my question is " does AMSAT-Brazil (BRAMSAT) exist anymore ? "
  > 73" de
  > i8CVS Domenico

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