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Brazil is preparing to launch the NANOSATC-BR. The design of the BR-NANOSATC
is being developed by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) and
students of  Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) of  state Rio Grande
do Sul  here in Brazil.

"The BR-NANOSATC will have two scientific instruments, a magnetometer and
also a particle detector of precipitation for monitoring real-time
geospatial, and the precipitation of particles in the magnetosphere
disturbances on the Brazilian territory to determine its effects on regions
such as the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly (SAMA, the English acronym) and
the Brazilian sector of the equatorial electrojet.

This anomaly [SAMA] is a "failure" of the Earth's magnetic field in this
region, which is about Brazil, "said Jose Manuel Octavio Coordinator of the
National Institute for Space Research of Brazil. As a consequence of this
anomaly, there is a greater risk of the presence of particles high-energy
region, which can affect communications, signals from global positioning
satellites (like GPS), or even cause failure of electronic equipment such as
onboard computers. The INPE has been studying this anomaly for decades,
including several researchers international reputation, which even took part
in defining the mission and its payload. "

According to Otavio Durão, Technical Coordinator NanosatC-Br and INPE, the
situation referred to is its launch in November 2012. The uplink frequency
(UHF) and downlink (VHF) have been allocated by the IARU. The telemetry will
be at 145.865 MHz  9k6 BPSK.  The project is receiving support from the
Amateur Radio Association Santamariense - ASRA and call sign of the control
station will be PY3EB. Durão told me it will be very interesting and welcome
the participation of the Amateur Radio satellite tracking.

We are waiting for soon the website with all the information the CubeSat

The project is in full swing.

IARU Informations:



Pirajá, PS8RF

Hi Piraja', PS8RF

Daily I see news about new CubeSat's..  but like the one you mentioned
(build by commercial company), most of them have nothing to do with
Ham Radio anymore.

Ham Radio is only the vehicle to use our frequencies, that's all.. they are
not interested in ham radio...

I think it will not take long and we may loose our satellite frequencies
to the CubeSat community of institutes, industry, etc...

On the other hand, if the worldwide ham radio community does not support
P3-E, how can AMSAT-DL ever finish it and get it launched ?

I'm still optimistic regarding an affordable launch for P3-E in the future
but it may happen that we have a launch but AMSAT does not exist anymore
due to the lack of money to keep the world wide organization running..

The old HEO satellite users of OSCAR-10, OSCAR-13 and AO40 are
becoming old and they are very tired to wait for a real new satellite
capable to supply a worl wide communications better than on HF as
promised to us by AMSAT many years ago and this is why the numbar of
AMSAT member is reducing and the strenght of AMSAT is rapidly
diminishing or do not exist anymore like actually occurs to AMSAT-France.

You writes only "Brazil is preparing to launch the NANOSATC-BR" so that
my question is " does AMSAT-Brazil (BRAMSAT) exist anymore ? "

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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