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So far Roscosmos has published this regarding the upcoming EVA29 ... Expect more info soon!

This one is "old news" - from July 4 ...

Russian EVA Planned for August – Alexander Samokutiaev
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July 4, 2011

Alexander Samokutiaev, flight engineer of the International Space Station’s expedition 28, informed 
about the planning for the upcoming Russian EVA in his blog in Roscosmos web. 

According to Russian cosmonaut, the EVA is slated for August, pending the launch of the shuttle 
scheduled for July 8. 

Alexander will work outside the ISS with his colleague Sergey Volkov. The cosmonauts are to perform 
several ISS RS refurbishing tasks, as well as to launch small satellite Kedr. 

Russian cosmonauts onboard the International Space Station switched on small spacecraft Kedr on 
April 12, in order to commemorate the jubilee of Yury Gagarin’s mission. 

Small spacecraft Kedr developed under the RadioSkaf experiment bears the name adopted by Yu.A. 
Gagarin call sign in his historical flight, namely Kedr. The satellite’s signal will be transmitted at radio 
amateur frequency of 145.95 MHz. Kedr has radio amateur call sign RS1S.

RadioSkaf is implemented in the framework of UNESCO’s student space education program. 

Kedr will transmit different signals, images, including the talks of famous Russian scientist Kostantin 
Tsiolkovsky, rocket Chief Designer Sergey Korolev conversation with the first cosmonaut during his 
108-min historical mission, and famous Gagarin’s “Go!” (Poekhali!), of course.

From Roscosmos today ...

ISS Cosmonauts Prepare for EVA
July 25, 2011

Russian cosmonauts Sergey Volkov and Alexander Samokutiaev on-board the International Space 
Station prepare for a space walk slated for August 3.

Today the cosmonauts will check EVA panels, prepare tools and replaceable items of the space suits.
The objectives of the upcoming EVA include maintenance and scientific tasks, as well as launch of the 
Kedr microsatellite devoted to the 50th anniversary of Yury Gagarin’s space mission. 

This will be the first EVA for Samokutiaev, and the third for Volkov. The space walk is to commence 
at 18.30 MSK and to last about 6 hours.

Roscosmos PAO

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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