[amsat-bb] Re: Arrow yagis

n0jy@lavabit.com n0jy at lavabit.com
Fri Jul 22 12:28:35 PDT 2011

I have an Arrow four element 6 meter antenna that sat upon my tower for a
few years and was still in great shape when it came down.

It did suffer a broken element right at the boom, from a hawk sitting on
the end of the element.

I was able to order a replacement element at a reasonable cost and had
very little trouble removing the threaded part that remained in the boom.

I am very happy with the construction and performance!


> Anybody have any experience with the solid-element single-band yagis from
> Arrow?  I can't put up my big Gulf Alphas at home (deed restrictions) and
> I'm
> tired of struggling with stealth omnis...

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