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Hi Bruce, KK5DO

I have earned the ZRO-Test "Z9" # 19 on OSCAR-13 Mode-B dated Nov
1, 1992 signed by WA5ZIB and also I have earned the AMSAT Technical
Achievent Award for the K2ZRO Memorial Station Engineering Award
on OSCAR-13 with Z-8 Mode B endorsements  and Z-8 Mode-L endorsements
signed by Bill Tynan W3XO on May 25 1991

It would be very interesting to get from http://www.amsat.org or from
http://www.amsatnet.com the full list of the other partecipants to the
ZRO-Test "Z9" and the AMSAT Technical Achievent Award for the K2ZRO
Memorial Station Engineering Award on OSCAR-13 just as a history record.

I have a list of call letters for the Z9 Club Honor Roll uptodated only to
Nov 1992 with 21 calls for Mode-B and 5 calls for mode L

Do yo have a full list of it ?

If you need more informations please call Endy Mac Allister W5ACM ex

Please let me know.

TNX and 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> Normally I am able to wait 4-6 weeks before posting a list of AMSAT
> awards. However, something must have gotten in the water and in the past
> few days the awards have sky rocketed.
> Due to the effort of Matt, N8MS, at the ARRL Teacher's Institute 2,
> there were 8 hams that worked their first satellite contact. They are
> included in the list below.
> The following have entered into the Satellite Communicators Club for
> making their first satellite QSO.
> Pam Kalafice, KD8MUC
> George Wheeler, W7LX
> Thomas Maxwell, AE5QB
> Jerry Taylor, AC0PF
> Stephen McClune, KB3FKO
> Larry Brim, KI6FBT
> Jackie Smith, KJ4SVQ
> Larry Kendall, K6NDL
> Samuel Saladino, NW9T
> Walter Lemons, AE5IT
> Stephen Reinen, N8BP
> Lee Olson, N9LO
> Thomas Talley, KA9QPG
> The following have earned the AMSAT Communications Achievement Award.
> George Henry, KA3HSW, #540
> Brandon Rasmussen, K7BBR, #541
> The following have earned the South Africa Satellite Communications
> Achievement award
> George Henry, KA3HSW, #US169
> Brandon Rasmussen, K7BBR, #US170
> To see all the awards visit http://www.amsat.org or
> http://www.amsatnet.com
> Bruce Paige, KK5DO
> AMSAT Director Contests and Awards
> ARRL Awards Manager (WAS, 5BWAS, VUCC), VE
> Houston AMSAT Net - Wed 0100z on Echolink - Conference *AMSAT*
> Also streaming MP3 at http://www.amsatnet.com
> Podcast at http://www.amsatnet.com/podcast.xml or iTunes

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