[amsat-bb] Recent Amsat Keps Posting

GW1FKY@aol.com GW1FKY at aol.com
Sat Jul 16 02:20:14 PDT 2011

Hi all,
Did anyone have any problem with the recent kep's posted out this week on  
the mailing list.
The format that appeared on my computer was totally different with spaces  
and a specific message of the use and distribution.
My Sat PC software failed to read them , I also checked out the current  
pages of Amsat and the Kep's that
were available for download were still dated for the  7th July  2011.
I have also run "Orbitron" and it worked OK when I stripped out the  
headers/ tails and spaces that were contained in this weeks kep's posting.
Many thanks for your time.
Ken Eaton
Amsat- UK
Amsat NA

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