[amsat-bb] 2 AZ rotators with LVB tracker

Stefano Simonetti iw1rdz at yahoo.it
Fri Jul 15 14:34:52 PDT 2011

I built with success an LVB tracker control to remote control an AZ rotator.

I would like to control with the same circuit also another AZ rotator, not 
simultaneously with the actual I use.

Any one experienced this?

I think it could work with just switching the two rotators lines (turn 
right,turn left, azimuth voltage), if they would be same models or at least 
would be of the same type (North or south) and same azimuth voltage return.

But I think that this last thing (voltage return) could be the real problem to 
have correct indication of direction between the rotators. 

Probably it is time to make another LVB tracker PCB...


73 de Iw1rdz - Steve

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