[amsat-bb] So close.... almost my full reach....

Bill Acito W1PA w1pa at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 14 13:26:27 PDT 2011

I've been able to fit up a pre-amp to my Arrow. I have a ARR 432 switched 
pre-amp with it's own battery pack on the 432-side of the arrow to hear 
better on low (<10 deg) passes. Still using the FT-530 HT with a headset.

There were two low Atlantic passes this morning, one each on AO-27 and 
AO-51. From FN42IO I heard EA1QS on the first (5 deg), and worked a GW0 on 
the second --  3050 miles, on a 8 deg pass.

Went back out later in the afternoon for a mid-US pass, and low and behold, 
there's a San Diego station on (2550 miles)...   listen to the last 10 secs 
of this recording for the punch line:



Bill W1PA 

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