[amsat-bb] The practicality of the Ten Tec 2510

Bill Acito W1PA w1pa at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 14 08:01:56 PDT 2011

1. I have one, but have never used it. If I am reading the satellite guide 
the only current bird I can use one on (mode B, 435MHz -- not 432) is VO-52. 
Is that correct?
Or is the TX-RX completely wrong? (RX+TX=581.005)
2. I have read that the 2510 (newer version) was much easier to use than the 
2510 -- 
any comment from current or former users?
3. The 2510 could accept a second, add-on oscillator board (the 2511) to 
give you 435.5 as
well as 435.0. I am considering building a version of the board 
re-crystalled to give me 432.0
(understanding that I will have to go through and re-tune the unit, as well 
as adjusting the
RX-TX offset) ---  but this seems like a nice "non-destructive" way to try 

Or should I put it on the shelf and hope the next transponder bird uses the 
same band plan
as AO-10/13?  :-)

Bill W1PA 

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