[amsat-bb] STS-135 Retransmission Discovery

Clayton Coleman kayakfishtx at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 16:47:55 PDT 2011

I was working on my chainsaw this morning when I decided to turn on my 2m
rig and put it in VFO scan mode.  I went back to the workbench and the radio
stopped scanning -- on a shuttle retransmission channel.  Someone within
range of my home QTH was retransmitting the final moments as the ground crew
was closing up the shuttle and getting ready to pressurize the cabin.  The
signal I had was fairly weak but perfectly readable, so I left the radio
sitting there for the next few minutes as I wrapped up my work.

After I finished up my business outdoors and the temperature had hit 100
degrees, I went back in the house to see if I could find out online who was
the source of that shuttle retransmission on 147.56.  The only reasonable
explanation is it was coming from a station in Beaumont, 140 miles south of
me.   They used to retransmit the shuttle missions years ago and I would
occasionally hear them.  It was really cool to hear this station on the air
again.  I listened to them years ago via another similar band opening.

If someone on this list is part of that group in Beaumont who setup the
station, thank you.  It was a pleasant blast from the past.


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