[amsat-bb] Stationary antennas

Richard Lawn rjlawn at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 12:47:51 PDT 2011

Some of you may recall my earlier posts inquiring about
recommendations for stationary antennas. Here is my update and
progress report so far.

1 have constructed k5oe eggbeaters for both bands and so far only
tested the 2 mtr uplink
2 also completed construction of a 70 cm turnstile moxon and will try
next month along with a quadridiler for 2m and 2m moxon if I get it
3 yesterday I tried a Antennas.us 70cm quadridiler and home brew 2m k5oe.

Results: I was able to hear my cw down link fairly well on FO-29 down
to about 8 deg or so using a mirage  preamp at the station with short
run of coax. I'm encouraged though as usual no one to talk to.
I was really surprised that I heard w7jpi with a solid ssb cq on AO-7
which I didn't think was still operational. For receive on 10 I'm
using an OCF windom with ts-2000 and it's internal hf preamp. Nothing
was heard yesterday out of AO-51 at least when I tried.

I'll report further next month after I have given a fair trial to all
home brew antennas and the one inexpensive commercial product I
mentioned. At least I'm more encouraged.


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