[amsat-bb] Scanning question

Malcolm Preston preston.malcolm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 12:47:32 PDT 2011

This question is really not an AMSAT one but relates to expertise someone in
AMSAT may have.  It involves a frequency tracking program such as SATPC does
for sats but for an hf application.

We are looking for a program that would:
1. Scan 2-4 frequencies, each on different hf bands on a timed basis - say
every 3 minutes.

2. Stop scanning when a connection is requested by a digital mode (pactor or
winmor).  Resume scanning when a connection is broken.

Note that no rig that we know of provides this scanning capability on a
multiband basis.

The application is the WINLINK hub KP2D on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.
The previous set-up involved 3 modems on 3 different bands with separate
antennas.  It was trashed by lightning.  We would like to get it working but
with a single rig and modem to avoid the high cost of separate modems for
each band and using a multi band antenna.

Does anyone out there know of software that has been developed that would do
this or could be modified to do it?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Mal Preston, NP2L
St. John, USVI

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