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> I was surprised, however, that the count resumed at T-31 seconds where it was halted.  I thought that it would be restarted at a point earlier in the sequence, such as T-9 minutes.  I don't ever recall a launch, even as far back as Mercury, in which a countdown was stopped so close to ignition and then continued from where it left off.

I too thought they'd recycle it back, they probably didn't have to since the hold occurred just prior to Guidance release. The platform would still be locked and would not need to be realigned, Either that or the hold was short enough that the error was not significant enough to matter.
> It's too bad that there was no live TV transmission of the ET separation seen from the tank itself.  I always liked the view of the orbiter heading off.
I saw the ET sep.  It was there. Not sure why you missed it. They kept talking about how the CDR would now turn the spacecraft so a crewmember could get photo's of the ET as it dropped away.


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